Trillion LED GU10 – Only £4.80/unit!

Trillion LED GU10

Trillion LED GU10 – Only £4.80/unit!

Do you have ceiling downlighters in your home; maybe six or so in a room? They give a brilliant effect, but they do soak up electricity at an alarming rate. Now, a direct LED replacement is available from us which gives instant and generous amounts of light, is also much the same size, but uses only one tenth of the amount of electricity. Previous versions have been expensive, have protruded below the level of the ceiling and have not given the same levels of light as the original GU10.

GU10 LED bulb
The GU10 LED bulb are the same size as traditional halogens so they fits right into your current light fixtures.

What is on offer to you from Careys overcomes all these disadvantages and the 50 watt equivalent comes to you at the bargain price of £4.80/unit, gives you heaps of light and uses only 5 watt of electricity. Imagine that!! it’s a modern day miracle! Get some today!

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