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Careys’ home, Oxford House in Portishead High Street, was built in 1871.

It began life initially as a dwelling house and a butchers shop, but way back in 1902 it started trading as an ironmonger’s. Staying close to those ironmongery roots ever since, the trade has gradually diversified to include electrical and plumbing goods and services (1906), TV and radio (1950s), and then gardening and timber sales (1990s). (History – Courtesy of the Gordano Society).

More recent major diversifications have included the opening, in the early 1990s, of the upstairs Art Department specializing in picture framing, and the move into haberdashery in the Front Shop only a few years ago.

The shop that you see today has been serving the people of Portishead since the early 1900s, evolving gradually to suit customers’ needs and the demands of changing times to stock the enormous variety of goods you’ll find there now!

An Aladdin’s cave or a Tardis… people view Careys in different ways, but the High Street shop can be quite a surprise when you go in for the first time and the wide stock range opens out.

You might not expect find wool, threads and cut to length ribbons in a shop that more conventionally stocks household goods, and the upstairs Art Shop with its range of art materials and bespoke framing skills is thought to be quite a find by its regulars.

However, when you walk right through the shop, the back door opens on to a quite different range of stock and expertise; the builders yard and then a further sales area, simply and fondly known as “The Back Shop”. Here, our local builders find their aggregates, blocks, cement and plaster, but there is also a huge range of materials good for the smaller user as well : hardware, decorating supplies, Calor Gas, fencing and timber, electrical and plumbing materials. All this is served by very friendly staff who have plenty of expertise and advice to pass on, and help to offer. Cable and wire can be cut to customers’ requirements as can glass, plywood and other sheet materials and anything can be quickly and cheaply delivered to your home.

In the summer a wide range of garden compost, fertiliser and pest control materials are stocked; in the winter, heaters, logs, coal and firelighters, and even toboggans and road salt.

The great team of people we have here at Careys have lived in Portishead for very many years and can provide locally based knowledge and experience to almost any building/homecare/art framing/garden related field.

They can quickly help you with whatever you need for your project or task, and organise its very cheap and rapid delivery to the Portishead local area.

You’ll find them friendly, knowledgeable and approachable, so, if you have a question, need some advice, don’t hesitate, please ask.